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Tools Every Chef Should Equip Themselves With

All About Cutting Boards
February 9, 2017

Tools Every Chef Should Equip Themselves With

Different chefs have different distinct approaches and attitudes towards cooking. Without even knowing it, there are certain types of tools that chefs use to create their food that give away the type of cuisine that they are likely to come up with.

Important Kitchen Items

  • Knives are the most salient of all tools that are fundamental to find in a chef’s kitchen. There are, of course, different types of knives that are meant for different distinct uses in the kitchen area. There is the classic chef’s knife that happens to have a small tip for fine work, a large curved blade that is meant for fast cutting and chopping, the boning knife as well as the paring knife that is used for those delicate garnishes or shaped vegetables.
  • Another must find tool in the kitchen has to be the wood cutting boards. If you want to take care of your knives and countertops, you will definitely need a cutting board. Not only does it ease the cutting of ingredients, it also helps ease the transfer of food from where you cut it to your pan and pot.
  • The third most essential tool to have is the non-stick pan. Whereas some chefs prefer stainless steel, some have their eyes set on the non-stick pans. You will find that you are using this tool quite often as with the knife. The choice of the size of pan to use will, however, squarely depend on the amount of food you will be cooking.
  • The other salient tool is the sauce pan. This kind of pot will specifically come in handy when you want to make things like soups and sauces as well as for steaming vegetables.
  • Measuring spoons and cups also happens to be quite important in a chef’s kitchen. These will make sure that you are putting in the correct measurements for the recipes.
  • Having a pair of tongs in the kitchen helps make work more easily especially if you are going to grill anything, turn the baked chicken or cook bacon. The tongs will make these tasks easier without leaving a mess all over the place.
  • The rubber spatula happens to come in handy when you are in need of a mixing tool. Aside from being perfect for mixing just about anything in the kitchen, it also happens to be very efficient whether you forget it inside the pot by accident or not, it will not melt inside the food or ruin it.

It is important to bear in mind the fact that chefs happen to be very different. Whereas one will fancy having all the tools, another elsewhere will just want to have the tools that they require.

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