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Adeo Wood Products | 30-day replacement warranty

All our hardwood cutting boards are manufactured in North America. We produce these hardwood cutting boards primarily from Maple, Walnut and Cherry wood. All are natural renewable resources, which makes it environmentally friendly.

Some off our smaller hardwood products are sourced in China, Mexico and other countries.

We back our products 100%. All our products come with a 30-day replacement warranty from the time our clients receive the product – in the rare occurrence of defects, we will replace defective products, as well as pay for the shipping to and from one of our warehouses.  It’s important that our customers inspect all products as soon as they receive then and notify us of any defects or possible damages that may have been caused during the shipping process. 

If Adeo Wood Products is notified after the 30-day warranty period, each replacement request will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Replacement of products will be at our sole discretion.

Wood has natural variance, which makes each board unique. Those are not considered defects but part of the natural beauty of the product. Cutting boards are sanded to a grit of 180 and in shipped untreated. For an extra fee Adeo Wood Products can finish the hardwood cutting boards with a food grade mineral oil or with our mineral/beeswax cutting board conditioner. It’s also worth noting that with a Walnut cutting board the grain will rise and give it slight rough feel to the cutting board, whereas Maple and Cherry will have a softer smoother feel.

Please contact us to discuss our policies and our products in more detail. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached at (888) 250-4002.


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To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards of one of our cutting board models listed below. Most models can be ordered in either Maple or Walnut and some are available in Cherry wood.

To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards.