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Have you thought about corporate gifting lately?

May 16, 2014

Corporate gifting custom wood projects

A powerful marketing tool, a promotional item will boost a company’s brand awareness like nothing else. No longer a Christmas time practice anymore; corporate gifting is now common all-year round. Since almost anything can now be used for promotion and marked with a name or logo, possibilities are limitless!

Corporate gifting has many positive outcomes, and is now suitable to all kinds of events, such as new product introductions, dealer and distributor programs, employee service awards, internal incentive programs, marketing research and customer referrals.

If your objective is to facilitate public and employee relations or to build some traffic in a tradeshow, or get a new customer generation, give and you shall receive!

4 good reasons to make corporate gifting a practice your company endeavors

Personalized corporate gifts are the best way to promote your brand. By constantly reminding your image to your client, it will keep your company at the top of his mind. Next time he’ll need your services, chances are this customer will be driven to you instead of to one of your competitors because of this.

It is fun. Receiving a gift always make people happy. It will reinforce a positive image of your company in your client’s mind. Most of them won’t remember what you said exactly to them, but they’ll sure remember how you made them feel.

It is trendy. According to an ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) survey in 2013, corporate gifting is going up! Among the companies giving gifts, an average of $44.98 was spent for employees compared to $41.70 in 2012, and $33.92 for clients and prospects compared to $26.48 last year.

Last but not the least: It is in giving that we receive, as said Francis of Assisi. Well, lucky us, so is our government! You can benefit from a tax refund through corporate gifting! You will find more information about it at this address:

What should you give?

The emerging trends regarding corporate gifting for 2014 are that a gift should be useful (such as a cutting board): an object that is being used regularly keeps your brand and image fresh in the mind of the user. If it is personalized, chances are it will also hold a trophy-value to its owner because of its uniqueness. This will also reinforce in the mind of your client how client-oriented you are. Make a statement: gift intelligent!

As a wood manufacturer, we can design many original custom projects for any promotional item you have in mind. Give us a call at 1-888-250-4002 or email us to let us know about your next corporate gifting campaign!

However, make sure you check corporate policies regarding gifts. Some businesses are more restrictive than others regarding this.

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