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Wooden Butcher Blocks Are Stylish and Functional

All About Cutting Boards
June 3, 2015

Wooden Butcher Blocks Are Stylish and Functional

Many people have misconceptions about wood cutting boards. They are thought to harbor bacteria and not be as easy to clean as plastic, glass or marble ones. However, wood cutting boards are still a kitchen staple in most American families and more and more we see a trend for customized ones; thus, laser engravers, gift shop owners and kitchen supplies stores owner want to stock up on them.

There are some myths about wood cutting boards that are simply not true. Cutting boards can make a kitchen functional and make cooking easier.

Myth #1: Wood Cutting Board Harbor Bacteria

Many people believe that butcher blocks grow bacteria but this is not true. While wood do harbor bacteria so does other surfaces including plastics, glass, and other items that are used on counter tops. There are natural properties in the wood that kill the bacteria and do not give the bacteria the chance to reach the surface of this board. Other surface counter tops will allow bacteria to reach the surface. These butcher blocks can be cleaned with just soap and water.

Myth #2: Butcher Blocks are Easy to Scratch

These boards are designed for cutting and chopping. They are soft on the knives so the knife will actually stay sharp for a longer period of time. Sealant can be applied to the wood so it will be resistant to scratching. If the wooden butcher block does show signs of scratching it can be sanded and another coat of sealant can be applied.

Myth #3: Butcher Blocks can be Damaged by Heat

If a hot pan is placed on the wood block, it can withstand the heat. However, it is not recommended to place items right from the heat on the wooden blocks but they can withstand this occasionally. There are wood cooling racks that can be put in top of the butcher block where hot pans can go.

Myth #4: The Upkeep on Butcher Blocks is Expensive

In order to keep the butcher blocks looking great for years a person has to wipe it down daily. A little soap and water is all that is needed to clean it. Spills should be cleaned up immediately. It is recommended sealing the wood butcher blocks with mineral oil or a mix of beeswax and mineral oil every six months. Butcher block counter tops are no more expensive to clean then other counter top surface. All a person has to do is to make sure they follow basic maintenance guidelines daily..

The wholesale wood cutting boards selection available at Cutting Boards USA Wholesale is a great way to spruce up a kitchen. Your customers will have a stylish kitchen for years to come with such a classic and well-made quality product.


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To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards of one of our cutting board models listed below. Most models can be ordered in either Maple or Walnut and some are available in Cherry wood.

To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards.