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Boost Customer Loyalty with a Closing Gift

August 17, 2015

Customer Loyalty Closing Gift

Offering a client a closing gift is not reserved simply to the realm of real estate. Saying thank you is a crucial component of building business referrals. Showing added gratitude or interest to any client when entering a business agreement, finalizing a contract or on birthdays and other holidays, can help to solidify a professional relationship and the possibility of future business.

A thank you card, ecard or email expressing your gratitude is a must. After making a large purchase from a sales professional, a simple ‘thank you’ can put many possible concerns to rest- bestowing the feeling of being cared for.

However, receiving a thank you card is often forgettable. So why not go the extra mile by offering a thoughtful gift? Here are 3 points that can help you choose the perfect gift to express your gratitude:

1. Go for Local

We all enjoy receiving something that is handcrafted locally. The key is to find a unique product that applies to your area and coordinates with your client’s interests. Maybe a bottle of wine made at a local winery or a gift basket filled with delicacies from a local bakery or chocolatier. Offering wood cutting boards manufactured and engraved locally in the USA by Cutting Boards USA is also a great option for virtually every family and foodie alike.

2. Look for Something Personalized

Personalized gifts display further thought and interest on the part of the giver. Adding a personal touch to a gift increases its value to the beholder and is most likely to be treasured for many years. After the purchase of a home, for example, how perfect a custom monogrammed welcome mat could look on the family’s new front porch. A custom engraved wood sign or cutting board engraved with the family name or new home address, could also be a nice touch.

3. Practical Is Best

Let’s be realistic, offering a single Joe who just bought a major fixer-upper he plans to live in while renovating a basket of local cupcakes, probably isn’t what he would rather. He would most likely appreciate the use of a gift card for the local lumber yard or hardware store. Choose a gift you know will appeal to your customer.

Not sure where to begin? At Cutting Boards USA we offer wholesale cutting boards made from high quality maple, walnut and cherry- personalized to your requirements. Custom wooden cutting boards are a great way retain loyalty from your customers, offering them a top-of-the-line product that is both practical and beautiful. Call us at 1-888-250-4002 or email us today!



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To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards of one of our cutting board models listed below. Most models can be ordered in either Maple or Walnut and some are available in Cherry wood.

To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards.