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5 Tips to Make your Next Community Event a Success

July 27, 2015

personalized gift representing the event

Are you preparing your next community event? Getting your neighbourhood actively involved in an enjoyable event is a rewarding task, although it can also become time consuming and costly. The success of an event rests on careful planning. Here are a few tips to make your next event a local hit;

Plan According to the Event’s Goals & Target Audience

Before beginning to plan your next community event, you must have a clear understanding of the event’s goals. Is it to raise money for a certain cause, or perhaps its main function is to gain publicity or to extend a company or product to a new network of individuals?

You must also keep in mind whom are you hoping to attract to your event. Depending on the goal of your community event, you may be trying to attract a specific group of people such as young families or business people, for example. The details of the event will greatly differ depending on its overall objective and anticipated guests.

Advertise Early and Frequently

No matter what the purpose of the event, attendance is key. Most families are booked up throughout the summer weeks, spreading the word about your event a month or so ahead of time gives locals enough time to include your event in their busy schedules. Using different forms of advertising, such as flyers, posters, ads on your local radio station or in the local paper can also maximise your event’s attendance.

Make it Free, or Almost

Using a carefully designated budget and reaching out for potential grants, volunteers and donations through local sponsors can enable guests to attend your event at no or low cost. A free event is very appealing to most anyone, especially families with several children and communities located in urban settings where the cost of living is high. Low or no admission is sure to draw more numbers.

Don’t Forget about the Kids

An event that hosts many activities for children is guarantees to attract adults- no matter the group of people you are trying to target. Most parents or caretakers will write-off an event completely if they are under the impression that their kids will be bored and have nothing to occupy their time. A bored child equals a stressed parent.

Thank your Collaborators and Guests

Make sure to take the time to thank everyone who was involved in the realization of your event. Keep sponsors, volunteers and donors happy- offer them a personalized gift representing the event, such as an engraved wood cutting board. You never know, you may want to request their help again in the future.

Looking for a promotional product to give or sell at your next community event? A customized cutting board engraved with your event or company name is just what you need! At Cutting Boards USA we offer a wide selection of wholesale cutting boards made by Americans to Americans. Call us at (888) 250-4002, we’re here to help!


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