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Must Try! Easily Remove Engraving Residue From Wood

Laser Engraving
September 30, 2014

Must Try! Easily Remove Engraving Residue From Wood

Engravings can be made on many types of surfaces. This is a great way to personalize an item or when making any type of sign. One of the best materials for engraving is wood. However, you can often find a wood cutting board that can be used for this type of project. Engraving is a process that leaves a form or residue on the material. There are two methods which can be used if you need to find there is a need to remove engraving residue from wood. The option you choose will depend on preference.

Method One

The process of engraving wood with a laser etcher may result in residue that remains on the surface. If this occurs from time to time, then one option is to mask off the surface. This can be done by using a common masking tape. One thing to keep in mind is you will often have small pieces of tape which are often difficult to remove. Another aspect to consider is an adjustment might be needed on the laser as the power and the focus may not be correct. There is also the thickness of the tape to take into account.

Light sanding is a possibility, but there is the possibility of losing fine detail. Many people probably do not know the make up of the residue that is created when etching. The material is not charred wood, smoke or particles of soot. This residue is often sticky and shiny and comes from the sugars that are contained in the wood. Burning the wood heats the sugars, which then caramelize on the surface and is difficult to remove when it has cooled.

The easiest way to remove etching residue is to use common distilled vinegar and a clean rag. Vinegar is a solvent that will easily dissolve the residue and make it easy to clean off the wood.

Method Two

A common hard soap that can be found at any home improvement store will easily remove any residue left over when engraving wood. This soap is a form of hand cleaner that is waterless and eco-friendly.

The product you will need is an orange hand cleaner. There are many varieties available which will do the job. You will also need a rag or cloth and a soft-bristle brush.

You will need to place a small amount of the hand soap on the bristles of the brush. The next step is to lightly brush over the area until the residue has disappeared. Once the wood is free of residue, then use the rag to wipe away any excess dirt and debris.

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