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The Logo vs. Name Debate

Laser Engraving
June 13, 2018

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Recently, a world-famous soccer club from Italy, the Juventus Football Club, changed its logo and raised some concerns among their supporters. Of course, no one stopped cheering for the club, but it became quite apparent that it’s in their nature to identify with their beloved club through the visual logo they portrayed. For a well-known club like Juventus, changing their logo has a major influence on the club’s reputation, followers and finances.

Now that you understand the importance of logos and brand names, it’s time to discuss the everlasting debate between creating a brand for yourself or becoming famous for an eye-catching logo. To be more specific, if you own a business and decide to advertise on all sorts of products, should you be using a logo or your company name? Keep reading to find out!

Which is Which?

Before we start, we must clear several things up and point out the main differences between brand names and logos.

First of all, a brand seems to be a broader term than a logo, which consequently brings us to a conclusion that logos are more prone to changes.

Secondly, a brand is somewhat abstract since just by running a business, you’ve created a brand for yourself, where a logo is more of a marketing feature.

Finally, it takes more time to build a brand name since this trait mainly depends on viewer’s thoughts and feelings towards your business. 

Still, bear in mind that logos have a considerable role in determining the aforementioned aspect. All in all, having a renowned brand seems more important, but we shouldn’t neglect the importance of a quality-designed visual logo that could potentially be the pin-pointer of your brand.

Importance of Having a Solid Brand Name

Sometimes, even negative publicity is considered good publicity. However, if you want to build a reliable brand name, make sure all the advertising surrounding your business is positive. Following are a few features that positive publicity towards a brand name can bring to your company:

  • Logos can change, but a brand name stays.
  • Having a reliable brand name means growing roots in your respective industry.
  • Your company’s brand and reputation go hand in hand.
  • Branding is a broad term with more room to play and an easier way to create a reputation, while designing a logo is just the tip a small part.
  • There are many companies which have created a name for themselves without the main use of a logo:

Importance of Having an Eye-Catching Logo

Briefly, a logo is a graphic and typographic mark that represents your business or organization. Although it’s a more narrow term than a brand identity, people often tie these two tightly together. A meaningful logo is a great way to express what your business is about, but it will hardly be able to tell the whole story. However, it is more likely for a potential client to remember a visual emblem rather than a name.

  • Visuals are critical in the marketing industry.
  • Logos can be used to introduce your company to many viewers.
  • Logos are the best way to personalize your business.
  • Many companies have branded themselves solely through logos, capturing their audiences attention with only their company’s emblem:


Strive for Both

Taking everything we said so far into consideration, there’s no real answer whether it’s better to engrave a logo or your brand name onto business cards, accessories and gifts. However, it’s safe to say that both methods have their pros and cons. To conclude, it’s essential to create an eye-catching, meaningful logo which will have a massive role in creating a brand name, as well as that proper company growth must accompany a good name with a good logo and vice-versa. This means that you should perform a thorough branding process and that a logo should come as an outcome of such action. If we had to choose between one or the other, we would have to say brand name engravings for lesser-known companies and logo engravings for better-known businesses, but this choice mainly depends on what your goals are.

If every you find yourself needing some more help in deciding, our expert sales team are here to help you in your decision. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either through calling or emailing. Click here to contact us and get your company branded today!

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