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The Importance of Corporate Gifting

December 12, 2018

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The season of gift exchanging is upon us. While you are busy trying to come up with the best gift ideas and catching up with friends and family, don’t forget your work partners. Whether you are thinking of buying personalized gifts or high-quality wood products, choose something special for your clients and staff as well.

These are the people you interact with all year long. They are there to lessen your workload and share in your day-to-day experiences. Your employees and clients also help grow your business and clientele reach. So, what better way would there be to show some gratitude than by giving a corporate gift?

Corporate gifting is about a lot more than just saying thanks. Let’s explore the benefits in more detail.

3 Benefits of Corporate Gifting

1. Strengthen Business Relationships

Your business may deal with other businesses throughout the year. Let’s not forget that behind all the corporate matters, these companies are helping your status grow.  By choosing high-quality wood products engraved with your company logo, you can receive positive attention.

Instead of opting for dull gifts, such as pens and coffee mugs, make it memorable with a useful gift. Go for something classy, like branded hardwood cutting boards.

2. Create Brand Awareness

Marketing your business is as important as providing quality service and great products. You don’t always have to use conventional marketing strategies. Step away from paid advertisements and newsletters. Instead, blow a breath of fresh air into your business by using corporate gifts for marketing purposes.

When you gift someone a corporate gift, you're spreading your company name. Whenever the recipient looks at the gift with your business name or logo, it refreshes your image in their mind. When they use it or even mention it to someone they know, they are marketing your business for you.

3. Increase customer/staff loyalty

When a staff member receives a corporate gift, it stimulates a positive image of you. It’s a reminder that you value the hard work they put in. As a result, they feel more obliged to give it their best and obtain even better results.

A corporate gift helps increase loyalty among employees and customers. A client who receives a corporate gift is more likely to give you repeated business. This can strengthen a partnership among business stakeholders.

Gift Ideas

Made up your mind about giving out corporate gifts? Great. Instead of giving unusable items that will sit and collect dust, go an extra step to ensure your gifts get you the benefits you want.

You can choose something that they use routinely, such as high-quality cutting boards. Our prices offer excellent wholesale rates, perfect for expensing corporate gifts.

Make this holiday season extra special for your staff and business acquaintances and reap the benefits for your business in the coming year. Check out our vast selection of board models and species to choose the wood product that fits your needs.

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To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards.