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Gift or Promotional Item? Get The Best Of Both Worlds!

February 24, 2015

Promotional Item Corporate Identity

Gifts are Not Only for Christmas

As the owner of a company or an HR manager, chances are you’re the one who is in charge to get gifts for employees for Christmas. Or for your employee recognition program, if there is one implemented. Recently, we saw an uprising trend in that field, and that is, we see more and more personalized gifts on the market. We can guess from there that any personalized gift will have more impact, no matter if you offer it to your best employee or to your big clients. We, at Cutting Boards USA, have a tailored solution for you.

Many Kinds of Branding for Many Kinds of Gifts

Of course, as you already know, all kinds of items can be branded with your company name and logo. There are different ways to do so. Your logo can be painted, you can have decals or sticker, or there is laser engraving. Paint can peel, crack or fade, stickers and decals can strip, which can come across as cheap or low-end over time.

And there is laser-engraving. Laser-engraving wholesale cutting board is, by far, the best solution. Laser engraved monograms or logos will stand the test of time, won’t rip, fade or lose their charm. They are stylish and refined, and their classic and sleek look will never go out of style.

Choosing the Right One

So, now that you’ve decided to personalize the gifts you will give out with laser engraving, you have plenty of choices as to what to give, depending on the circumstance and your budget.

While you want the gift you offer to be used and enjoyed, you also want it to remind the receiver of your company every time they see it. Lately, there had been a trend for offering useful objects and households items as promotional items or gifts to employees. A well-chosen gift, that is, one that will get used often in all kinds of circumstances, will not only constantly remind your client about your company and contribute to build a strong partnership between the two of you, but will also be practical, useful and pleasant to use for its receiver.

In the event that it is given out as a gift to your employees, it will reinforce the feeling of being part of a team as well as the pride to work for a good employer. And they will even be proud to talk about it when other people around them see how much they enjoy using what they got. This will probably bring you business in the long run.

No matter if it is to your employees, partners or clients, what you offer is a reflection of what you are as a corporation. This said, if you offer lower quality gifts to your employees, it may convey the message that they’re not valued as they would like to be. The message to your clients or partner may be slightly different, and mean you’re not so worthy to work with…


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To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards.