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Gift Baskets Reinvented

August 8, 2014

Gift Baskets Reinvented

We all have somewhere in a closet a collection of those baskets gathered from gift baskets we received on an occasion or another over time. Of course, some of us will reuse most of those to craft more gift baskets, or will repurpose them to store all kinds of supplies. However, we all get to a point where we don’t what to do with them anymore. So, why not replace the basket with a useful object?

Have A Theme

First of all, who is you gift for? Is it meant to thank long-date clients for their business, or part of a promotional event, or is it for an assortment of products you would like to brand in your retail store? Is it the prize of a contest, or to celebrate a special occasion? Once this is settled, have fun choosing a theme. Not only will it make things easier to find the perfect objects that have a link together to put in your package, but it will also help choosing a color scheme and all those details that will convey your message through your gift.

Perfect For The Gourmet Cook

That’s a no-brainer, all gourmet cooks or kitchen-related themed baskets can start with a cutting board. They are great for any cheese or candy or local delicacies platters. They can also be part of many other gifts that are not necessarily kitchen related, or even have nothing to do with it, such as a housewarming gift, a cool display of lures for fishermen, or even brushes and tubes of paint for artists.  The best thing about wood cutting boards is that Cutting Boards USA can customize them for any occasion. And they’ll always come in handy after they fulfilled their use for gift presentation. Any wholesale cutting board can also be customized with all kinds of routes and grooves to match any idea or presentation needs you may come up with.

No Need For Fillers

Cutting boards are eco-friendly! More than one is always handy, and every house has a use for them. Another of their main advantages is that when used instead of using a container is that you cut the need for fillers. The most ecofriendly waste is the one that is not produced! Wood cutting boards allow you to display all you want to put in the receiver’s view. Then, a cello wrap or shrink wrapping is your friend. They will make your gift shiny and enhance what you want to display. Any gift supplies store carries them; they range from clear transparent to all kinds of colors and prints for any occasion.

Be creative! Things do not have to be complicated! There are no special skills required to master the art of assembling the perfect gift basket for every occasion. And, worst comes to worst, many businesses now specialize themselves in gift wrapping and will be able to make one with any assortment of products you might be interested into.


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To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards.