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Approaching a Business with Your Branded Products

July 11, 2018

Approaching a business, Selling branded products, Branding products, Wholesale cutting boards

Marketing is an essential part of growing any business. Even if your business is at its peak, marketing is continuously necessary to ensure your name doesn’t become forgotten. A good way to improve relations with colleagues and customers is by giving promotional products. Depending on your choice, this could be anything ranging from personalized pens to high-quality hardwood cutting boards. This method works wonders when you are looking to strengthen existing relations. However, to build new relations and to take your business to the next level, approaching a business with your products is one of the best tactics.

You can’t just create a product, engrave your logo on it, include a price tag and sell out right away. It’s true that in a competitive market, branding products is a must to help you stand out from the crowd. But to increase your clientele, you also need to approach your target audience in the right way.

Approaching a Business

So how do you find the right businesses to approach for selling branded products? The first important step is to do a little research on your market. This would actually help you save your time and efforts from looking into the wrong brands. Initially, look for businesses in your own geographic area that could benefit from your company’s products. Once you have your foot in the door, you can generate further sale leads through these businesses.

Selling Branded Products

The next step is to choose a sample of your best products and prepare a presentation on them. Group together your products into categories according to their price, type or style. Practice well before you present in front of your audience to ensure complete readiness and professionalism. As well, think of potential questions you may be asked and have your answers ready. If on the day you’re asked a new question, add it to your list for the next time. Assess your presentation afterwards and try to improve in the areas where you lack for potential future partnerships.

Tips and Tricks to Sell Better

Having a professional and confident attitude are the two essential traits you will need. Watch your body language and omit the use of unnecessary words when you meet potential clients. These could be phrases like ‘I think’, ‘I mean’, and any others that may make you seem unsure about your own products. This can make a huge difference in making a good first impression.

The way you look is another important factor. A clean and professional-looking salesperson is someone you would want to buy from.

Lastly, ensure you sound enthusiastic but not unrealistic. Enthusiasm and passion show the love for your products. However, be careful with the choice of your words used and don’t make promises you can’t fulfil later on to avoid being unreliable.  

Selling Branded Products in Large Quantities

To really make a significant difference in your sales, you would need to go a step further with your efforts. Judge your target businesses and aim for those with more affordability. Make sure to mention in your presentation the quantities you can supply. Clearly state the savings they would get by ordering in bulk to give your audience a little push towards buying more at once, but make sure you give them a good reason to.

And here’s one last tried-and-tested last tip from us at Wholesale Cutting Boards: When we sell in large quantities, we check each piece individually to ensure it is of topmost quality. Always deliver what you promise. To get your own engraved wood cutting boards, visit our product page today to choose from our large selection of models, types and designs!

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To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum order requirement is 20 cutting boards.